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Julian Julian

I am a Media Producer currently living in the USA! I’ve been drawing for almost 15 years. I was inspired to draw after after reading American Comics Zot! and works by Patrick Spaziante. I fully committed to learning after Reading Bakuman, having neglected by studies before the Manga’s publication. ​I mostly draw digitally. In the future I would like to get better at 3d Modeling and never have to lay another stroke ever again :isJoke:

You have been walking through many narrow corridors, and only just now has the architecture started to open back up to you.
You enter a room containing shelves of tombs, books and Data. a large terminal sits in the middle of the room, thick wires connecte it to several larger terminals around the edges of the space.
You take off your shoes and step further, the smell draws you in. No one had been here in a long time, yet the surfaces of everything are immaculate and dust free.


⛯ You are entering the Garden of Madness⛯

⚜ Quebec IT reject
💻Full-time Hermit
🎸Self-taught Black Metal Violinist
🔥Draws Cute Bipedal Humanoid Organisms
🇺🇸 America, fuck yeah
🌨️ Cold and Wet
👓 SSS Rank (Stylish Sexy Subverter)
🩸 cancelled for crimes of devotion
🈴 Erotic Otaku
🃏 Real Life Lupin the Third
🍔 Sentient Something Awful Article
🎒 Married (Just Kidding, Marriage is Gringe)
✌️ Stan Yourself
📽️ Make Art
💀 there is no line between art and porn, I’ll prove it to you

I want to end the current state of suffering

and replace it with a new form of suffering

ActivityPub Shill

🪱Professional Contrarian
🤼‍♀️Professional Heel
✨I overfilled with love & I secrete hatred
🌲I like High Ceilings with Stuff on them
🦅I want to Travel the world, like a shadow crawling on the Earth’s back
❄I like the Winter
🏔I will walk with you, if I trust you wont push me off a cliff
🌊Lets go to the Water Level

My Thoughts are in French, I’m sorry if I stutter
I am never cruel, but I am Cowardly.

Do not make me Horny, I will fight you

Video games and Exercise take up like 90% of my personality. The other 10% is Black Metal.
My Body is Made of 99% Cartoons, the other 1% is a Technical Illustration of the Perfect Penis.
Sex is playing Metal Gear Solid V on the ps3 as Kojima intended
I understand - the c o n c e p t of Love.
my ascension to the level of love God beings me little comfort regarding the future
We play this Game everyday, ``Comrade``
I have zero patience for your uwu touchy feely social desperation
this is the internet, not a soapland. go entrap someone else
If you want to understand the philosophy behind my actions:

Kill god. Stan Yourself. Escape Entropy.

Yes. I have a big dick. No, you're not allowed to touch.
With each passing day it seems to me that the meaning of life is to give people stuff for f r e e
tomboys - f o r e v e r-
What comes up must go down. Especially when I'm around.
As Above, so Below
on all levels but physical, I am a Demon
I try to not despair over things I am uncomfortable with,
my discomfort indicates a direction to place my efforts for change

Date of Birth: ahahahahahahaha
Age: dont bother.  it’s measured in Vampire Years
Place of Birth: The deep dark slimy pits of shimimaru’s anus. My family has not returned since.
Body Measurements:  I’ve been told by many n/b folk that they wish they had my body
Eyes: wait, you have eyes? That’s normal?

Have I seen you somewhere before?

Probably. I get around, despite my desire to limit how far my social footprint goes on the net.
I use these names:
Julian, Julien, Julianne, Jujuween, Julain, Yulien, jūliōn, JulianMyJulian

if we have had a bad interaction, I am more than willing to make amends.


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Disclaimer: All characters depicted in my Drawings are over 18 years old. They are depicted as adults performing acting roles (as if they were actors), as such -no narrative context embedded on the pictures suggest the contrary regardless of the art style or character/costume design.

x My content can be problematic but my characters’ actions/views do not reflect my own x All situations are fictional. All drawings/pixels on your screen or printed on paper are not human and cannot be related to any standards, patterns and morals. Debate me if you dare x