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Julian Julian

I am a Media Producer currently living in the USA! I’ve been drawing for almost 15 years. I was inspired to draw after after reading American Comics Zot! and works by Patrick Spaziante. I fully committed to learning after Reading Bakuman, having neglected by studies before the Manga’s publication. ​I mostly draw digitally. In the future I would like to get better at 3d Modeling and never have to lay another stroke ever again :isJoke:

⚜ Quebec IT reject
💻Full-time Hermit
🎸Self-taught Black Metal Violinist
🔥Draws Cute Bipedal Humanoid Organisms
🇺🇸 America, fuck yeah
🌨️ Cold and Wet
👓SSS Rank (Stylish Sexy Subverter)

my pronouns are He, Him, Julian, Julien, Julain, and M_therf_c_er 🎧

I want to end the current state of suffering

and replace it with a new form of suffering

ActivityPub Shill

My Thoughts are in French, I’m sorry if I stutter
I am never cruel, but I am Cowardly.

Do not make me Horny, I will fight you

Video games and Exercise take up like 90% of my personality. The other 10% is Black Metal.
My Body is Made of 99% Cartoons, the other 1% is a Technical Illustration of the Perfect Penis.
We play this Game everyday, ``Comrade``
I have zero patience for your uwu touchy feely social desperation
this is the internet, not a soapland. go entrap someone else
If you want to understand the philosophy behind my actions:

Kill god. Stan Yourself. Escape Entropy.

Yes. I have a big dick. No, you're not allowed to touch.

Date of Birth: ahahahahahahaha
Age: dont bother.  it’s measured in Vampire Years
Place of Birth: The deep dark slimy pits of shimimaru’s anus. My family has not returned since.
Body Measurements:  I’ve been told by many n/b folk that they wish they had my body
Eyes: wait, you have eyes? That’s normal?

Have I seen you somewhere before?

Probably. I get around, despite my desire to limit how far my social footprint goes on the net.
I use these names:
Julian, Julien, Julianne, Julain, Yulien, jūliōn, JulianMyJulian
if we have had a bad interaction, I am more than willing to make amends.


Disclaimer: All characters depicted in my Drawings are over 18 years old. They are depicted as adults performing acting roles (as if they were actors), as such -no narrative context embedded on the pictures suggest the contrary regardless of the art style or character/costume design.

All situations are fictional. All drawings/pixels on your screen or printed on paper are not human and cannot be related to any standards, patterns and morals.