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Julian Julian

ok, lets do this one more time-
​Hello!​ Hoi!
I am a Media Producer currently living in the USA! I’ve been drawing for almost 15 years. I was inspired to draw after after reading American Comics Zot! and works by Patrick Spaziante. I fully committed to learning after Reading Bakuman, having neglected my studies before the Manga’s publication. ​I mostly draw digitally. In the future I would like to get better at 3d Modeling and never have to lay another stroke ever again :isJoke: I used to be a Silicon Valley Dweeb with more money than sense. but one fateful day. I was bitten by a radioactive Hipster, which apparently gave me Hipster powers. But not like normal Hispter Powers, I actually care about people and can empathize, and Exercise, and I speak French!  Now I live in the Hate Capital of the Internet, fighting Nazis and trying to find my way.  Where is my way? What is my way? is it in solitude as the Immortal Dark Hero of the Future, or maybe it’s in Humble Paradise with the Love of my Life whom I work with to create opportunities for others. Who knows? I certainly don’t.  But between the noise, the information blackouts, Conspiracies, Nazis, Terfs, Capitalists, Idiots, Neanderthals, Marketers, Thieves, Slackless Dolittles, and Absolute Cranks, the only thing I really know for sure is that I am, the one and only that there is ever gonna be
The Beautiful JulianMyJulian

You have been walking through many narrow corridors, and only just now has the architecture started to open back up to you.
You enter a room containing shelves of tombs, books and Data. a large terminal sits in the middle of the room, thick wires connecte it to several larger terminals around the edges of the space.
You take off your shoes and step further, the smell draws you in. No one had been here in a long time, yet the surfaces of everything are immaculate and dust free.


⛯ You are entering the Garden of Madness⛯

𝕴 𝖜𝖆𝖓𝖙 𝖙𝖔 𝖊𝖓𝖉 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖈𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖊 𝖔𝖋 𝖘𝖚𝖋𝖋𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌
𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖊 𝖎𝖙 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝖆 𝖓𝖊𝖜 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒 𝖔𝖋 𝖘𝖚𝖋𝖋𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌


Commissions closed indefinitely

🌐 VQCD (my Website)
👧🏻 Personage(my OCs and Designs)[wip]
🩲 My Workout Routines [wip]
📑 BeautifulLog (my Wiki)

Contact Me: 

🤙  SMS/Call #1-581-204-5349
(warn me, because I NEVER pick up)

[[ Images Shared on my Social Media ,not behind payment gates follow the-CC BY-SA 4.0 License ]]
♂ Masculine
🥴 Record of Interaction of something on the Internet ≠ endorsement
😡ᵘⁿʰᶦⁿᵍᵉᵈ void king
⚜ Quebec IT reject
💻Full-time Hermit
🐭Mouse Daddy
🐀My Children: Skul, Crepe & Hannigram🐁
✉️ DMs Open (Discord/Twitter Only)
🎸Self-taught Black Metal Violinist
🎨Will only accept Interesting Commissions
🔥Tortured Human Torch
🍺Loves Vodka
🔥Food: Extremely spicy
🗿Super sensitive person
👩🏻‍🦲Draws Cute Bipedal Humanoid Organisms
🇺🇸 America, fuck yeah
🌨️ Cold and Wet
👓 SSS Rank (Stylish Sexy Subverter)
🩸 cancelled for crimes of devotion
🥵Sex Icon
🈴 Erotic Otaku
⌚ I like to Mod Watches and Wallets
🃏 Real Life Lupin the Third
🐩Doggy Daddy
☠️ Sylvia Plath Stan
🍔 Sentient Something Awful Article
🤢Julian does not exist
🔞 I support Anti-Children Social Spaces on the Internet
🎒 Married (Just Kidding, Marriage is Gringe)
✌️ Stan Yourself
📽️ Movie Enjoyer
🍄 aspiring mycology student
💀 there is no line between art and porn, I’ll prove it to you
🕴️ politics: antifascist
🥙 I’m 5’11”
🔌I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs (But I will sip your Vodka)
🎰 Portable Computers Obsessive
⚰️ Funeral Weeb
👀👌💦Face Enthusiast
🌟🌟🌟Fighting Game Addict
I rarely accept Art requests :’) sorry 🙌💦🙌
📚I read often
🔏12/08/2019 Everything changed
🔏06/24/2023 I am free from my Hatred
🏴‍☠️You can call me ‘Goth Father’
📍On Melancholy Hill
📴Silent Phone Club Member
🙃I only sex tested and swabbed

🌱plant dad
⚔️ActivityPub Shill
🪱Professional Contrarian
🤼‍♀️Professional Heel
🎃Halloween poubelle is Home Decor
✨Professional Super Villain
❄I like the Winter
🌊Lets go to the Water Level
🏖 Lets go to the Cream Shop
😈Emissary From Hell
🚸DNI pedos/transphobes/racists – I will destroy you
🦁Greatest of All Leos
Serial Scrobbler(I will Scrobble Anything if it makes my numbers go up)
💥I don’t do well with slackless gossip
:bocchithink: I am 30 or 40 years old and I do not need this
🎙Voice Artist
♌𝕾𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖓𝖌 𝖎𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖓𝖊𝖜 𝖐𝖆𝖜𝖆𝖎𝖎
🏓Smut Peddler
🔦Duct tape and nails kinda guy
♨Clavicle Appreciator
🎱I am the necessary evil
👽a Good Reddit Post by Me

Do not make me Horny, I will fight you

Macho from one meal.
>Dies from muscle training strain
Video games and Exercise take up like 90% of my personality. The other 10% is Black Metal.
My Body is Made of 99% Cartoons, the other 1% is a Technical Illustration of the Perfect Penis.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sex is playing Metal Gear Solid V on the ps3 as Kojima intended(°ー°〃)
I can do anything. and I would prefer to be kind, and helpful, and interesting.
I feel nothing but shame, when I have done wrong.
Because it never matters how much good you do
👨🏿‍💻 I understand - the c o n c e p t of Love.
my ascension to the level of love God beings me little comfort regarding the future
I like it here because all the soft uwu bad touch babies get BTFO'd instantly
this is a moment
``Quote Me`` ~ Insy
Life hack : demandez seulement ``Merci`` aux autres quand vous avez et qu'ils n'ont pas et réchauffez votre pizza froide.
I want to thank you for trying, and for reminding me that we live in a world where people are still trying
I put a lot of effort into being a laid back guy, if you test the limits of that effort, I will punish you
Cependant, je me retrouve souvent dans un profond engouement pour le puritanisme.
I need some help.

>Be me
>ask questions
>make mistakes
>not obsessed with financial scams
>not Transphobic/Homophobic
>not obsessed with male hagiarchy
>takes chances
>use social media passively
>frequently cleans and refines digital footprint
>not worshiping media personalities
>not a nazi
>meaningfully active in local community
>supports small artists

Send me Private Tracker Invites plz,
feed my data Hoarder Addiction.
I am a model seeder

This is my oldest account, I've been seeding here since 2012

I'm so strong that it doesn't matter that I'm weird

Hullo ~Hoi~Hey~HELLO, I’m Julian. JulianMyJulian

Je dessine des bandes dessinées pour adultes, alors fais attention quand tu me suis.

I draw nearly every day.  I like to draw. I play video games every day too. I exercise as often as I can in between. if I have to stand around, I do squats instead.

⋆✶꙳ Bandes dessinées, dessins animés, animations, Game Design.
Je me consacrerai à travailler ce que j’ai envie de faire.

Bandes dessinées, dessins animés, animations, Game Design.
Je me consacrerai à travailler ce que j’ai envie de faire.

❄️I like Livre d’images “Hello BaBar”

🌹We play this Game everyday, ``Comrade``
all one must do is maintain for themselves the standard upon which they judge their peers,
and woe to those who consider themselves peerless and above such mechanisms and compromises
🦂I have zero patience for your uwu touchy feely social desperation
this is the internet, not a soapland. go entrap someone else
🌥If you want to understand the philosophy behind my actions:

Kill god. Stan Yourself. Escape Entropy.

🥖Yes. I have a big dick. No, you're not allowed to touch.
🍁With each passing day it seems to me that the meaning of life is to give people stuff for f r e e
💪🏻tomboys - f o r e v e r-
🎯I'm like a Bullet. yell ``FIRE' and I'll get to 'the point', eventually
🤶🏻What comes up must go down. Especially when I'm around.
As Above, so Below
🥂on all levels but physical, I am a Demon
🍫I try to not despair over things I am uncomfortable with,
my discomfort indicates a direction to place my efforts for change
🦅I want to Travel the world, like a shadow crawling on the Earth's back
protect your soul against the stress and harm of hatred
you can find peace, if not within yourself, then through the peace of others
relinquish your will, to the will of the future
🍱I will walk with you, if I trust you wont push me off a cliff
🍜I like High Ceilings with Stuff on them
🍾My Thoughts are in French, I'm sorry if I stutter
🧊I am never cruel, but I am Cowardly
🌶I just want to have a single day where I don't feel forced to take on roles I dont want
Don't look at my dick when we fight
no matter how good you think you are there's always going to be some chucklefuck waiting in the wings
Do not Let the Internet of Creation Suffocate to Death Under the Thumb of Convenience and Commerce
La gentillesse que tu as donnée à quelqu'un quelque part pourrait sauver la vie de quelqu'un quelque part. En passant devant ton apparence joyeuse, il y a peut-être des gens qui créeront une histoire qui passera à la postérité. Quelqu'un que tu ne connais pas et qui entend ton fredonnement pourrait créer une chanson qui changera la vie de tout le monde. C'est ainsi que fonctionne ce monde, malheureusement

Add my QR code to your Webring

Secret Abilities:
◾body can carry 8TB of data
◾Environmental Survivalist Trained



Location: Mentally I am here—>
Date of Birth: ahahahahahahaha
I’m a Leo, but don’t get excited
Age:  🜍 I am 30 to 40 Years old
Place of Birth: The deep dark slimy pits of shimimaru’s anus. My family has not returned since.
Body Measurements:  I’ve been told by many n/b folk that they wish they had my body
Eyes: wait, you have eyes? That’s normal?
Certifications: If you have to ask, you don’t need to see them

Have I seen you somewhere before?

Probably. I get around, despite my desire to limit how far my social footprint goes on the net.
I use these names:
z_julian, Julian, Julien, Julianne, nonSummerJulian, Jujuween, Julain, Yulien, jūliōn, JulianMyJulian, Jules, 真Julian, JulianCanFeeltheTurnOfTheEarth, ⛩JKC.069:Hypothermia Julian, Jizzing Jaguar, AYEAYEGewehr 43(Julian)

if we have had a bad interaction, I am more than willing to make amends.

му мємσяу ιѕ тσ ѕнσят тσ нσℓ∂ α ﻭяυ∂ﻭє | Hatred burns lick lethal on my soul

Je vis chaque jour avec l'objectif de vivre comme d'habitude.
Ne vous inquiétez pas

The Mister
J.B, Julian Julian
Town Coward
Silent Bomber
Son of Tim Rodgers
JooJoo Bean


Computer: IntelCorei5-6600K CPU@3.50GHz
Monitor: SAMSUNG N5300(pre-2018)
Software: used Windows/Linux |Art:ClipStudio
Scanner: Note8 Camera
Thing often on desk: PlayStation Vita (Slim) 
Background Music: I have hours of Black Metal-
but normally I listen to this Youtube Playlist
Desk: Not Sure
Chair: BroyHill Model:9990 - SKU:007116520
Mobile Phone: SM-N950U
Gaming Handheld:Vita PCH-2001

𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍 𓂍𓂏𓂍

What do you like to Draw?

I like to draw People Wearing Glasses of Different Types, Ghouls and Specters, Fitness Stuff, Androids, Muscular Women, Bald People, Bruised or Unusual Looking Eyes, Computer Hardware, Meat, Fictional Product Packaging, #JustGothThings, Album Covers and Book Covers, Freaky Logos, Stills from Movies,

Can you teach me how to Draw?

I’m squeamish about “giving tips”, but sure, anytime! I have hosted (as of 2023) a Dozen lectures on Drawing Fundamentals and ‘Leveraging Your Creativity’

Do you take on commercial work?

I have limited experience in the commercial sector (Print Ads, Graphical Assets, etc) but if you know what you want, I can adjust to suit the project. Depending on schedule I’m eager and open to work with you, rates vary depending on usage and complexity.
Feel free to use the contact options listed at the ^top of the page^

What is your real name?

‘Julian Julian Julian’, you have to say it exactly like that. Thats how it reads on my License, not Clickbait

What is your Sexuality?

I like’a da Ladies.  But I often wonder “-why”. Do you ever think about stuff like that?

If you’re Hetero, why do you seem like you’d be Gay based on [insert example here], huh?

You’re projecting, probably.

Why do you talk about Porn so much? Even the Taboo stuff?

I like porn, sue me! Let’s hear about what you like (On my Discord: h then I can have a turn asking you why ‘you’ care about things

What’s your inspiration?

I Love Early 2000s Gaming Magazines, and Playstation 2/3/PSP. – I’m a fan of Fancy Suits, Watches, and Body Conforming “”Casual”” Wear. The Fun of dealing with a technology you aren’t familiar with, and the surprise of getting something to work through sheer force of will (and basic logic). As a Kid I loved most of all playing Games on hardware other than it’s original device, with a Keyboard only. Bloodborne, Black Metal (and her Children), Women with Short Hairguts, Tekken, Disgaea, NISIOISIN, Borderlands, Madhouse Anime, Alan Moore, Bjork, Early CollegeHumor, Akio Watanabe, Stieg Larsson (he wrote other books you know) Goth Music,  Lucy Parsons, Brian Lumley, Sylvia Plath, Portable Computers and Pocket Entertainment. Experimental Motion Pictures. Goth Music, Digimon, Fighting Games, the MiniDisc, Yu Yu Hakusho, Kamen Rider Black, Bjork, Abeno Miku, Working Out, The Warriors (Movie, Soundtrack and Video Game), Violins, Mars Argo, Vikings, Toonami, The Silver Case, Biohazard 3/7/Revelations 2, and 4 (but everyone loves 4), Tomboys, Kakugo no Susume(Apocalypse Zero), Metal Gear Ac!d/2, Linux, Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?, Halloween, Armored Core, Ghouls, Fakku,ContraPoints, Deadpool, Doom, Coloured Wigs, Death Stranding, Kate Bush, GameCenter CX, Camping, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, CastleVania, Goth Music, Comics, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ramen, Energy Beverages, the Homeworld Games, “Outsider” Fiction, ‘LET IT DIE’, Assassin’s Creed Origins/Valhalla/Unity, Tom Clancy’s the Division (I know I just listed a bunch of UbiSoft games by name. it’s a disease I have. I know they suck, you don’t have to tell me), Preacher (Comic, TV Series), Masks and Helmets, NewGrounds, Swedish electronic music, Neglected Spouse and Office Lady Pornography, Late 90s/Early 2000s “Y2K” Aesthetic Design, The Congress(2013),, Cyberpunk (Genre and Trademark), Black Greyhound, Russian Borzoï, Microsoft Encarta, Digital Watches, Curry and Rice, “&disable_polymer=1”, Comedown Machine by The Strokes, Tron Legacy, Twin Peaks, Corpse Bride, Elvis Costello, Star Trek, Skyrim, Piper Perri, Legion(2017), The Nice Guys(2016), Kreia(KOTOR2), Megaman: Battle Network, Terry Pratchet, Max Payne 3, Deltarune, and Self Hosted Web Pages. Latex Outfits, Dungeons, Kemonomimi, Role Playing Games with a Modern/Contemporary Setting or Science Fiction. Bodybuilders. Caffeine Farming. Mr. Robot(2015), Cooking, Futurist Decay, Urban Abandonment, French comic books, Underground Fortresses, Hanafuda, The Strokes, Okage Shadow King, Elvis Costello, Jill Valentine, Product tie-ins like The 𝐆𝐮𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐫 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨: 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐓𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐊𝐅𝐂 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐋𝐨𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐁𝐨𝐱 𝐌𝐞𝐚𝐥, Men In Black the Animated Series, Game Controllers, Movies about Food and People who Make the Food, Track and Marathon Runners, Chilling and Moist weather Conditions, Bald Heads, Food Network(or just that kind of 2000s era home and life tv), short sci-fi, Heather Mason, Cartoons, Pornographic Film, LinusTechTips, RPGMaker Games, Angela Davis, Skulls, Romanticizing Harmful Behaviors such as Isolationism, RPGMaker Games,


Who are your Favorite Artists?
My Favorite Artists are:
Guido Crepax, Monkey Punch, Cessa_sama, Felipe Smith, McBess, Akio Watanabe, Yoji Shinkawa, Abe Yoshitoshi, Shirow Masamune, Ikuhana Niiro, and George Kamitani, Stjepan Sejic, Mark Bagley, Jen Wang, J.C. Leyendecker, Yoshioka/o10fu, Gil Scott-Heron, Walt Kelly, Kaneoya Sachiko, JPEGMafia, Patrick Spaziante,rvsasvr/rachel_elm, Tetsuya Nomura, Sessyu Takemura, Dairoku Tenmaou Great, Seki Shuuichi, Shiwasu no Okina, Glenn Vilppu(one of my old Teachers),
Lucie Bryon, Masamune Shirow, Hans Bellmer, Max Landis, Tooru Fujisawa, Leonard Cohen, Erika Moen, Yahtzee Croshaw, Sylvia Plath, Aesop Rock, Yuko Shimizu

and you can follow my other Favorites from this page HERE THIS ONE THIS IS THE PAGE Just click this Text you have been reading, do it Now. Yeah. Awesome. I knew you could do it. I love you. 

Where are you from?

All Over! I am a Man of the World!  I have been in many places, but no place feels like home.  I wish I could go home.

What programs do you use?

do as I say, not as I do.  Use Linux.  Donate to Blender. Be Better. or Don’t, who gives a shit.

How do you deal with art block?

What Art block?

How many hours do you sleep a Day?

on Average 4 to 6 hours with a handful of naps through the day.  Strive for 7 to 8 for your health.

What Advice do you have for other Artists?

Don’t hurt yourself trying

Paint tool SAI or Clip studio paint?

It doesn’t fucking Matter.  Use whatever you have access to. Software isn’t going to make you better or worse. Use the stock Drawing app that comes with your PC, make your choice based on how uncomfortable that makes you.

Do you use references?

YES! I often brag that I keep a massive Library of references on hand at all times. Handfuls of SD Cards, Google Photos Accounts, and Tumblr Reblogs with Photos and Images and Design Documents. Telling an artiste that it’s bad to use references is dumb! It’s like telling a violin player it’s bad to have their sheet music out during a concert. It’s Part of the Toolset, It’s not cheating. It’s not “Lazy”. and The people who value your time and your ability to make things ‘you’ want to make, will always tell you, to Draw from life, or use a reference. You will know when ‘you’ need a reference, and when you feel comfortable doing so without, it’s your Art. You know what you need.

When will you open commissions?

I work full time, and with your help I am able to spend most of that time doing what I want which includes not doing commissions.  I will however, consider your commission if I like it, Message me to discuss your idea, your budget, and my Commission Rates. Do not fret if I decline your idea, I have friends that would probably love to draw your thing, for you.

What does ‘JulianMyJulian’ mean?

It’s a reference, nested in a reference, nested in another reference, nested in another reference, nested in the fact that I like it when people say my name at me, I like it more when they say my name twice. If you know all four References, then I am legally allowed to kill you.


How long does it take for you to draw a page of a Comic?

Excluding the laborious terrifying day to day work of planning the page layout?
4 to 7 Hours

What Kind of Tablet do you use?

HUION H610Pro (I bought three, just in case they randomly go out of business and I need a replacement)

What are your Pen Settings?

it doesn’t matter, I use every brush at 5.0x, they all look the same

What Program do you use to draw?

Clip studio PAINT, Your Mom

How about 3D Programs?

Blender, Modo, Nevercenter Silo, Google Sketchup, again – it doesn’t matter

Do you use a 3D Reference/Assistant?

everyone I know swears by DesignDoll | Terawell. I don’t like using it, but

What are you currently working on?

if you would like to see the current progress 
I keep a note of the latest project on the Store Page  —–>  

What Resolution do you draw in?

I’ve experimented with many different kinds in the past, but as of Summer 2022 everything is in B5 or B2 Page Size with 600dpi (DPI is important to getting this right)

Who would Win in a fight between The Incredible Hulk, Venom Snake, and Deadpool
lol.  Deadpool would win, sadly.

What is your favorite colour?
Mustard Yellow.  No, Blue. Cerulean(Rhymes with Julian)? Actually. Black.

I’ve heard you say that “Goals are for Losers”?
ehh. it’s more complicated than that. when someone operates entirely on achieving ‘Goals’, you’re effectively in a constant state of ‘Failure’ until you reach that point. You should be doing things because they need to be done and you’re the one to do them, and most of that stuff you’re doing as you go is in service of a greater whole. So you need to learn what it is that you want to do, and then build yourself up to a ‘system’, and having a system that encompasses your ‘goals’, but the system is the thing that you’re focused on maintaining and performing, on time, with as close to accurate as you can, will put you in a better long term position.

why didn’t you answer my DM?

I’m sorry, I have had to deal with so much dumb nonsense lately that I tend to ignore direct messages.
if you have something to say to me, you can say it in front of all of our friends on Twitter or in group chat please.
it’s not personal, dont feel too bad. Unless you’re getting up to some fucked shit, then you should feel bad.

is it ok if i draw your characters?

Go for it! here are my characters
please tag your post with vqcd or JulianMyJulian

can i use your art as my wallpaper/icon/etc?

sure, but source the original art when you can please.

Favorite Tropes:

-An Evil Person who has been seen Murdering people on screen is Nice to a Child, just because
-Everyone in the Main Cast is awful and indirectly ruins the Secondary character’s lives over the course of the story, unaware they are doing so
-A Character is Aware they are in a work of Fiction
-An Evil Woman becomes “Good”(Debatably) through her attraction to another person
-The Hero did not have altruistic intentions when they saved the day, they were just Hungry
-The Villain loses their Memory and becomes the ultimate Good guy, meanwhile the “Good Guys” struggle with the ethics of Brainwashing
-Rather than lower themselves to fisticuffs, the rivals take turns Riffing Taunts and Character Assassinations at each other, while the other skillfully parries the attack
-Smol Bean Character of the Story has a sudden Mean Streak, alienating them from everyone except the actual bad people in the story
-Geeky Character learns to stop being an insufferable loser
-Out of Character Rap Battle
-The Technology this story is describing is Bad for Humanity, I swear to God, do not make this REAL, It is a Warning
-“Think about how much better everyone’s lives would be if you were never born”
-Bitter Enemies temporarily set aside differences to put a much worse, far more annoying threat to rest
-Recovering Attention Seeker tries not to attact any attention whatsoever, and is driven mad by how easily they are thrust back into the spotlight
-The Big Bad from the first Arc returns, but is comedically swatted by a new ally heralding a much bigger threat
-a Double Double Triple agent reveals that they are also confused about who’s side they’re on
-Zombie/Brainwashed Protagonist driven purely by the desire to do right by others breaks through the brainworms but is still crippled by their condition
-A character that does not practice what they preach and gets their comeuppance despite multiple warnings b supporting characters
-a Character becomes “a different person” to side step their flaws, but in the end, being the person they started out as is the solution to the ultimate problem
-Villainous characters inspired by actual real life criminals incorporated on a 1:1 basis
-Character who holds the most power in the entire story is mysteriously absent for the majority of the story until the end(waiting4Goku)
-You thought it was all a dream/you thought it was Drugs, but you really did do all of those things
-Suicidal Character has strongest argument for staying alive, it just doesn’t apply to them
-Corrupted Evil/Betrayer to “The Organization”, becomes Mentor to the Org Rookie with a lot to Prove
-Book/Movie in Universe is told in snippets indirectly through the proper story
-The Day is Saved by that guy, he says “I didn’t do it for you” – he means it

No, Really. Tell me what software/tools you use.

-ClipStudioPaint–Vegas Pro 14–Foundry’s MODO–aeriform_tape–IrfanView 64–Godot–RPGMAker VX
-OBS Studio–NotePad++–SumatraPDF–FLStudio–Obsidian–DesignDoll–Bryce 7–GameMakerStudio(I’m disappointed too)
-FileZilla–MasterPlan–Adobe Audition–Adobe Photoshop 2022–Visual Studio Code–Foundry’s Mischief– and others
I plan on writing more about my experiences with designing/developing on Computers in my Wiki, if I ever get bored enough


Tombow Dual Brush Pen – N15 – Pentel Sharp Pencil- 0.4mm Lead – Pentel GraphGear 500 -Pacon Drawing Paper P4742


What exactly is your End Goal?

Here is a list:


Can I repost your art,and other works??
Sure, as long as you link back to my Social Media or my [About Page], I NEED that Clout!

 Do you do art trades?
uhh, I used to.  But too many times I agreed to a Trade, and then the other person just didn’t do anything.
seems like a scam to get free art, and I dont like being taken advantage of.

May I use your art for Merchandise?
hhhhrrrmmm, Send me a message and let’s talk about it, I might be open to a temporary agreement (for Money)

What do you look for in a Girlfriend?

If you have to ask, please fill in this form with an attached recent Photo

Can I buy your original art?

All work is completed Digitally so there isn’t anything to buy.  [I do accept Commissions sometimes-just not right now]

Tips for Scrubs

  • Do a shitty version of everything once or twice before beginning the final work.
    It’s like warming up before a workout, but you’re training your eye and your hand.
  • If you can’t practice with a Live Model, open YouTube, practice from unfamiliar sources like old Movies, or Vloggers you don’t know.
  • if you’re experiencing Art Block, you’re probably not thinking about subjects/styles that excite you

Critics Say:




Disclaimer: All characters depicted in my Drawings are over 18 years old. They are depicted as adults performing acting roles (as if they were actors), as such -no narrative context embedded on the pictures suggest the contrary regardless of the art style or character/costume design.

x My content can be problematic but my characters’ actions/views do not reflect my own x All situations are fictional. All drawings/pixels on your screen or printed on paper are not human and cannot be related to any standards, patterns and morals. Debate me if you dare x

Julian will Die in 2066



Profile Pictures/Avatars

at some point I’ll go in an Source these. a few of them are mine, MOST of them are from other artists

, ah fuck it I’ll do it now:

kureihii picrew (heavily edited by me)
-unclear, taken from a tumblr
-I think this is Pingu
-I drew that in 2017
– someone sent this to me, if you know what song this is, tell me
-I drew that
Julian by Say Lou Lou
-I drew that


Tout l'argent collecté sur les produits VQCD sera utilisé pour garantir le temps de production, les coûts d'impression et les mises à niveau de l'équipement et pour rémunérer équitablement les colporteurs pour leurs contributions.
Les avantages de me soutenir sur Fanbox ou Patreon sont susceptibles d'être modifiés car je suis encore en train de régler les problèmes et cela peut être considéré en grande partie comme un projet pilote.
Quelle que soit la façon dont les avantages peuvent augmenter, ils ne diminueront pas.

Je veux juste m'améliorer en dessin.
Et je veux dessiner plus d'images.

★...Tous les produits et services artistiques et de divertissement que j'ai achetés depuis 2021 ont été possibles grâce au soutien financier/reçu de personnes comme toi. Merci !

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