“I don’t aim to lose. I’m just having fun!”
[Casual], [DualShock], Favorite Playstyle
: Z
oner / Enemy Playstyle: Grappler  – Play Times: Saturdays 10:oopm-1:ooamEST
If you are running an Online Meetup, please let me in, I will clear my schedule to attend if it’s not during my day job. Someday I would like to play in person again.

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MvC2 Team: Jill Valentine, Cammy, War Machine
SkullGirls💀Mobile Team: Temple Tyrant Double, Inkling Peacock, Twisted Mettle Painwheel

UMvC3 Team: She-Hulk, Hsien-Ko, Deadpool
SkullGirls💀Team: Peacock, Double