If Twitter dies, I’ll see you on the other side. If I seem to you, less poised and more manic, I assure you- it is for reasons entirely unrelated. it’s odd. my anti-trust like behaviors have eroded away (somewhat) and I find myself suddenly concerned. “Where will I find the strangers I like to be strange with now?” I had similar thoughts back when it seemed like Discord was going to be dropping from the sky from incoming extra weight from NFTs, poised to endanger us all. I’m not sure if I really tried to keep up with anyone back then. I’m concerned that I may not do enough now. the air is filled with – musk – but it’s not suffocating. isn’t it odd? Words! I cannot bring myself to say the words I should say yet again. I am struggling to find the right mix of ironic and detached. perhaps some day I will loose from my lips the forbidden words. But I want to, I can see it in my minds eye, our mouths agape we remove our masks to reveal newer ones, realer masks. oh, you already have. I’m still wearing mine. I cannot move my hand. But I am not stationary, I refuse! A man moves through time. Like a bullet, he will arrive once shot. but I guess I need your help. are you brave enough to join me as we yell FIRE in this crowded exit door?