So the reason that I use Resilio Sync to share my wiki is because I want to support the technology.  My wiki is a combination Info Repository slash Diary.  I could just make it a normal Blog, but I already use an unhealthy amount of Social Media.  It’s probably a bummer to have sync act as a barrier to entry to people who want to read my info, but that’s fine, I’m not really interested in EVERYONE being able to read my intimate thoughts.  as the internet and my social circle contracts and expands, being able to say what I want when I want without having to wear myself down with the thought of “if I’m being annoying or not” among other particular concerns is a primary reason for establishing this wiki, as well as being an archive for myself to look over as I get older.  I’m always jealous of people who can look 5 or ten years back and fondly recall things they like or experiences they have had. I have a working memory, but it’s not that good or reliable. if you are interested in “getting to know the real Julian” or something dumb like that, feel free to download  the free tier of the Sync app and have a ball. if it doesn’t sync right away, then there might be a mistake in the link or my computer is off.  that’s right, the files will be pulled directly from my computer, and you’ll have access to whatever goofy bullshit I’ve written, either piece by piece or all at once.  Starting to have second thoughts?  It’s not to late to back out.  A word or warning, several years from the date of this page being written (so probably like late 2019-ish) the wiki will be very large.  Assign yourself a few gigabytes of free space before downloading. lol.



if you havent disabled ‘autoplay audio’ on your browser like a cowardly weenie then the music you’re hearing is:

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