If you Read this, fuck you


– Collar Bones
– Business Attire
-Rubber Suits
-Aggressive/Abusive/Fisticuffs/Fighting – Roleplay
– terrifying otherworldly organisms with shapely genitalia
– Stortstacks/Size Difference/Height difference
– Vampires/Ghost Psychics/Highly Magical Creatures of the Night/Undead/Dead
-Dark Moist Dungeons
-Tomboys/Masculine (in behaviour) Women
-Highly Muscular Women
– Exhibitionism Play
-Ownership Play
-?Pixie? hairCuts/Shaved Head/Bald
-Women with :inhales: grippable penises
-Formal Attire/Uniform Wear
-Body Suits
-Inverted Nipples
-Creature Play (I’m a big dicked werewolf and I’m coming for your Pikachu Pussy -rawr-)
-Goth/Emo/Scene Aesthetic in Environments that make it stand out
-Clothes off, Shoes on
-Conversational Intercourse (yeah we’re having sex, but I also want to get your feedback about my screenplay)
-Underwater Stuff
-Artistic Body Modification
-Performative Ritual Sex (religious or otherwise)
-Computer Things