Kwah? It’s time to Get Real, MOTHERFUCKERS.

It’s Feature Friday and Here are the Features for your Winter Sabbatical.

It’s hard to not feel  like nothing has happened this year since nothing I planned on doing happened ever since I got hurt, and then got sick, and then got sick again, but I did still do a lot.

these Features however are for the most dedicated Artists of 2021

Give them your Cliqz’

thanks for clicking.  I know you’re doing the best you can.

Me?  I’m going on my Winter Sabbatical now. See you Next Friday.

Renns has been making an Album a Month.  I dont even know how thats possible.  I averaged at least an Album every three Months back when I was a Musician. Anyway, I am biased, but this Album is the best one, but you should buy all of them.

wow, it’s Mike from that one Movie- Monster’s Ball. and they Draw Goblins.  I love Goblins.

Felix started a Youtube Channel….mmmmmmhm  Yeah.  Check it out.

You think you like Cyborgs?  You dont like Cyborgs as much as veilantares does.  Unfollow every repost “bot” you’re following, and follow them instead.

Apparently I’m old, because I remember seeing media coverage for Max Payne before it came out.

Naturally I am the Target Demo for Hidden Machine.

I dont actually know anything about this Person.  But I would recommend reading their Comic BASTARD before you drown yourself in the World of Sextillion (no relation whatsoever) just same Energy.

If you dont know who this is then I dont know you