if you havent disabled ‘autoplay audio’ on your browser like a cowardly weenie then the music you’re hearing is:

To Sleep by Yoshiii343 ~ https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1069227 

How to order a Commission:

You can start by sending me a Message on
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VQCD_Official, https://twitter.com/JulianWhoJulian
or Email Me at: julian@julianjulian.dev
then we can discuss pricing and details of the artwork you want created.
Once details are finalized we can proceed with initial payment through Invoice or Paypal.

Will Draw 4 U:
Anything Goes, Dirty Deeds that need doing, Done



Will NOT Draw 4 U:

well, lets talk about it

What information is needed:

Be as specific as possible if you can, provide a character/object reference, include details like personality and mood.
you can include a rough sketch of your own if you like, but I prefer to choose the pose myself if you will permit.

if no images are available, a text description will suffice but may delay your commission.

You will be required to verify/Clarify the following during our correspondence:
– Will this work be used Commercially?
– Will it be Shared Privately, or Displayed Publicly?
– Will the work be used/presented/shared in an environment that involves Minors
– Who owns the Characters/Subjects Depicted?
– This work will not be associated with undesirable Social Communities (ie. Nazi Social Medias, K1wiFarms, Amino Apps, etc)


Upfront Payment is required because you’re not paying for a simple ware, or a manufactured product.
You’re paying for my time. Refunds are only fulfilled if requested before exiting the Sketch Phase.


– may adjust depending on overall Complexity.  Examples listed below.