“I’m tired of the constant polarization from everyone about everything. This isn’t about any single person or any single event it’s just happened so often.
I’m amazed at how I have people who I agree with, we interact often, but when something comes up and I suggest an alternative or more peaceful response then get those same people get mad at me.
I like discussing current social topics and events and offering my point of view on them. I try to be rational and I try to approach everything with an open mind. I am willing to have my mind changed if someone can show me a better rationale.
I like having interesting discussions with people who disagree with me. I like to try and see all sides of an issue. I love debates.
If I “offend” you I’d actually like to know why. To discuss it. To try and see your point of view. I seem to be in an extreme minority there.
It would be very easy for me to post dog, cat & family pics and promote my stuff…and that’s it.”


Nanoha Harmon died in 2018. she never did learn to triforce.