Decided I didn’t want a branded discord anymore.   my line of thinking is as follows :


  • Between the three “rooms” I managed, the only one to break beyond 4 members, to a total of 30 wasn’t even a vqcd room
  • Discord having unprecedented control over weather or not you can communicate with with others on ‘their’ platform is not something I enjoy
  • I want to eventually just have something I fully own outright, I’ll make it someday
  • one shouldn’t make their home within simple silos on the internet, the internet is so much more than that – the data that makes up you and me, it needs room to breathe, I shouldn’t be in just one or two places, I should be EVERYWHERE
  • I’m not a community leader, I don’t even like other people very much.  If the vqcd server ever got anywhere beyond 10 members I’d just delete the whole thing like I did the last time
  • because the thought of subjecting myself to and then subsequently being considered responsible for some dingus’s bad ideas or mannerisms is not something I’d like to entertain beyond theory
  • I’d like to focus more of my time on creating