Guilty or Not Guilty?

All Attempts at Renovation are Admirable, but worthless in the long run of things.

Have you revised your Manifesto? Are you Brave enough?

I on rare occasion, think about Scratches and Flexing. Ripples of Flesh.
a Strange Consistency that you can’t actually eat.  Blood?

I need a second Opinion.  Well I need a Third Opinion.

Thinks are more Complex than they once were.  or.  they have always been that complex and you passed over the details without thinking.

Black – not the Absence of Colour, but the Absence of Light.
Blue – The Concentration of Light
Purple – Worn and Warped Organic Matter

Do you remember this day? Do you Remember this Memory? I wouldn’t mind getting lost it it again.
Don’t Rush me, I might bite my inner Lip again.

Our Economy isn’t actually based on a Money or Cash system.  It’s a Credit system.

Muddy, Swollen, Slow, Tawny.   If we hang around in one place for too long, the Zombies will appear.


But I digress.

Artists Referenced:

Kishizuka Kenji

Dairoku Tenmaou Great