I want to own a store, that also offers free media of the kinds of stuff that I like.
to entertain and inform meaningfully

I want to Swim at the Beach, wearing a tight swimsuit

I want to publish an art book

I want to own a GPDWin4. or something similar. I love portable Gaming PCs

I want to work with others to create and complete a coherent artistic work

I want to go to France

I would like to sing a song I made by myself

I want to play PlayStation Games

I want to exit this conversation, nicely

I want to ride my skateboard

I want to make a Game like Chrono Trigger, but with an entirely different story (of my design)

I would like to have a handful of things that I carry with me everywhere, but they are all useful to myself and to other people

I want to not think about mistakes I have made

I want Ice Cream

I want to play RainbowSix style Airsoft gun Games

I want people to think fondly of me and all the helpful things I did when I’m dead (and while I’m still alive please)

I want people to think fondly of me and all the helpful things I did when I’m dead (and while I’m still alive please)

I want to Produce a popular PlayStation/PC Gaming Magazine

I want to have a clean clutter free Gothic house with hidden doors and rooms

I want to design Fighting Game characters

I want to have a truly Silent Computing Experience

I want to fill the gothic house with stuff, but it all still looks neat

I want to live somewhere where no one can find me. Preferably in an underground bunker with a ton of rooms and great internet access.

I want to make a series of Video Programs that encourage and celebrate Practical Skills for living and Creativity

I would like to watch Movies with other people and not feel weird about it

I want to practice and share Practical Photography

I want to make it easy for the artists  that I like to make money doing what they do

I want to do Costumes of Fictional Characters I like

I want to make it so that the Internet Archive never goes down and is accessible by everyone for everything

I would like to watch the Simpsons (I have not seen all that much of it)

I want to publish games for a Console that nobody buys anymore

I want to make my own Energy Drink

I would like a Hug (and to not feel bad for asking)

I want more Hard Drive Space

I want to provide free housing to everyone who needs a house

I want an Account with a Bank that I can trust

I want a Wikipedia Article(s) about myself with multiple links going to and from it

I want to go on a date and look really Cool and not douchey when I pull out my Credit Card/Payment Device to pay for dinner

I want to produce a TV Channel/Media Brand of my own Design

I want to make a library of Media that has long term value, is easy to share, and accessible on a vast number of low powered(or analog) devices

when I turn 69 Years old(nice), I want it to be a big deal and not just a Joke, but jokes will be made

I’d like to not think negative thoughts

I want my body to look like Deadpool’s

it would be very cool to customize my own keyboard

I want to play Video Games socially without feeling weird about it. In a community not dominated by tryhard do-nothing-wells

I want to make an immersive sim video game

I want to find the people who like my drawings

I want to make a movie about Making Pizza

I want to have a social interaction that doesn’t make me feel bad

I want a BIG Library with all of the things I like in it

I want to make Politically Aggressive Video Games that are so fun that even people who disagree with me keep playing because they are still having fun

I want to work out every day

I want a portable Music/Media Device that I ‘like’ and a complementary combo Glasses/Headphone collection to match

I want to produce and host my own live Late Night show

I want a new Motorcycle so that I can ride it across several cities

I wan to design SuperHero/tokusatsuHero style outfits

I want my friends to have jobs doing things that they like and earn well above “a living” doing so

I would like to hold big Great Gatsby style events and just watch everyone having fun

I want to end Human poverty

I want to design a Card Game with actual mysteries and random elements to it

I want the Complete works of Kazuhiko Katō(Monkey Punch) in print

I want to simplify my wardrobe

I want a specific kind of Pet Dog

I want to know how many licks it takes to get to the Center of a Lolipop

I want to put an end to my bloodlust

I want a big Bath tub

I want to own a Church. one of the big tall ones with the stained glass windows and a Crazy deep basement

I want to be forgiven, more than anything