Thank you for your interest in working with me.  I am very busy, but I am open to considering your project.


a few notes before we go on:


Final Artwork will be sent Digitally, via Mega/Google Drive, or my own personal CDN


What do you need to know before getting started?

Please provide as much info as you can before the commission starts. Describe the subjects, details of what environment they are in (Environmental elements in final draft to be negotiated),
include any visual references you may have, this just makes the drafting process go faster.
If you have a budget, please advise, the Base Minimum is $200 USD, but I am willing to negotiate.
If I do work with you, You will be required to declare several details:
-If this work is for Commercial use or Not Commercial use
-If this is fetish work, or not
-if this work will be used in any context or scenario that involves minors
-Declare if the Character/Subject is being designed for you (may increase Commission cost depending on complexity)

You agree that if in the event you are found using the work in any socially adversarial or illegal manner your statement of confirmation will be publicly released to distance me from your actions. 

Payment Method?
Paypal/Cash App are the simplest options
or if you’re willing to indulge me, I have my own Point of Sale built into
which would allow you to use various different payment methods


– Commission will take 2 weeks to 3 weeks if not sooner –

-You will get updated once a week, unless consecutive developments occur in a smaller period of time 

– Draft redraws are at no charge, up to four times, at which point we can discuss final (fifth) draft details, or an exit of the work agreement

– Due to hardware limitations, having your commission streamed is not guaranteed. but when available will be offered at no additional charge.

Things I draw:

– Female/Male Characters (OC and Fanart)


– Creatures


-Media Covers (Book, Playlist, Video Thumb, Music Album, etc)


Things I don’t draw:

– Furry (Negotiable)

– Various Fetishes that I believe to be ironic or disingenuous or Disturbing (I will let you know) 

– Mistreatment of Members of Marginalized Groups

– Hardware/Devices without Reference 

-Political Messages I disagree with (Negotiable)

-Content to be used for Fetish Mining

-Content that could be used to harass another individual

-Reaction Images/Memes



What to provide?

– Some ref of characters

– Description of the character.

– Pose/Scenario that you want (Optional. I prefer to choose the posing and expressions )

-Text Descriptions are fine, but please take note that failing to disclose if I am designing the Character for you may result in adverse action.


How the commission usually goes:

– Idea introduction

This usually involves a brief conversation between you and me, you are encouraged to be direct, and avoid wasting time, for both our sakes

– Payment:
if you agree with the quote given, Payment is upfront.
I won’t run away with your Money, once we get to this phase, you have paid for the majority of my time and will get results.

– Sketch/Draft Phase

a rough image is given, where I describe my ideas and goals for the image, you are free to comment and clarify.
and drastic changes requested will be taken into consideration, *up to four times, so let’s do our best to communicate well the first time

once inking begins this is the point of no return. We are making Art, we are making History, we are Becoming makers of culture.

Upon Completion you will be sent screenshots and then your Final Package will be delivered.
I will include:
-a short playlist of Music/Videos watched/listened to during the production of the work
-the source File usually ClipStudioPaint .csp, or Photoshop .psd
-a Sample Render for Social Media or Indexing
-a High Resolution Render matching the resolution of the source
-a Making of Video (if offered)
-misc pro bono Variations

7-ZIP is suggested for unpacking

My Online Portfolio:

Feel free to check out my art to find out what type of drawing you want from me: