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wait I was joking!!! DONT GO

You’re being directed to my Spoopy Month Draw Challenge Results

All October I drew one picture per day…because that’s a thing to do…I guess

I draw every day anyway, so I guess this was uh- more of an exercice of some kind

but hey, more drawings exist, that’s cool, anyway,

you’ll probably have been redirected by now so I should just stop talking, but

I want to apologise for being all “go away” I’m just really on edge as of late.

I’ve been playing Hotline Miami again and that game has some weird hooks in my head

if you know what I mean.    but it’s weirdly addicting.

I will stop playing it for a while.  Because I love you.

Because I love myself.   I will find a different use of that Hotline Miami time.

Maybe I’ll program my own game.

in the game, you’ll travel around a city and meet a bunch of different people and creatures.  they will talk to you and you could talk to them and it wont be violent.  yeah.  let’s do that.  I wanna chat up a Ghost.  and then go to Zombie Burger.   download the Vampire Social Media App… heh heh


oh, you’re still here?   did the redirect break?  check out the Spoopy Arts.  I like them.


for the month of November, I’m doing


Nude Nun November


I’m gonna draw a month of Nuns.   They will be Nude.  All November.  yeah.     I like Nuns.

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