January 2020

::: [Date 01-01-01] ::: Cleaned out my downloads folder again, my PS3 still hasn’t arrived in the mail, but I’ve ripped 7 games to load on it if it ever does arrive. Looked at my wip art folder and decided I need to finish a few of the remaining fanarts, but gfx prep is still underway for sextillion ||Special Unrelated Link ||

December 2019

::: [Date 24/12/19] ::: Cleaned out my downloads folder, there were just some torrent files and the latest version of Daemon Tools  ||Special Unrelated Link ||

::: [Date 24/12/19] ::: I’m not sure why I wanted this. I guess I just saw a bullet journal and thought “ooh, I want one” ||Special Unrelated Link ||

Example Item ::: [Date 24/12/19] ::: Content: I threw this page together to make myself a mini bullet journal ||Tag Insert Here||