Height: Taller than you think
Shoe size: I forget, but amazon knows – I’ve been buying shoes from them since 2014
Zodiac: [Redacted]#1 most hated, #2 most Loved
Tattoos: None
Piercings: none except for the tumor I pinned to my soul
Fav colour: Black
Fav food: Long Grain Rice, cooked firm, w/Butter, Garlic, a bit of  MCT Oil
Fav drink: Monster Ultra Mixed w/Vodka, Mountain Dew Black

Q: “I heard you [redacted] and [redacted], [redacted], [redacted’s] [redacted]”

A: and I heard that you’re [redacted]


Q: Is it true you were involved in Ops harassing ‘xyz’?

A: I never willingly harassed anyone.  It’s easy to co-opt someone into your harassment campaign when you don’t give them the full details of the situation.

Q: [redacted] says hello

A: tell them do die already


Q: What’s your stance on Witches?

A: The most oppressed Class of Citizen in America

Q: Are you a Witch?

A: No. Witches Channel the Earth’s Energy into Matter and Chakras.  I’m just Pure Evil™.

Q:Do I need to be born evil/come from a evil family in order to be Evil like you?

A: lol N o  Evil is open to people of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, etc! While having family members who are already canon Evil may give someone a jump start in the world of evil, being evil isn’t always a genetic trait that you inherit. One can learn, but if you want to be like me – you’ll do better not cribbing form the notes of the common Evildoer.

Q: Whats’ a good place to start in evil activities

A: Bad Punctuation is a decent start.  You can also donate Charity and Break down expensive electronics (like apple computers or Game Consoles) into raw materials for better sustainable PC hardware


ask me more questions so I can fill this page
ask me more questions so I can fill this page